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One of the nicest things about Coates Christmas Trees, a Christmas Tree Farm serving the Seattle area, is that you get to pick your very own tree and you KNOW it is fresh. You can walk around the trees, take a good look, feel and smell to select what you really would like in your house this Christmas. You see how the tree looks while it is still standing, the spread of its twigs, its shape and the thickness of the foliage.

Points to keep in mind when
choosing your tree:

  • Size: stick to the size you determined. A tree at all times looks tiny out in the open and it seems to grow the moment you get it into your house!
  • opt for a tree whose branches are strong enough to take the weight of your decorations.
  • Some trees have sharp needles, this could be a factor if you have smaller children or pets.
  • measure the height of the container you are intending to use for the tree

  • You need to examine your house and decide where you want the tree to stand
  • measure the height of your ceiling

  • Decide what decoration you want to use as a tree topper and evaluate its height.
  • Do some quick arithmetic. Your tree should be the height of your ceiling minus the height of your container, minus the tree topper ornament and minus about 6-10 inches so your tree does not brush against your ceiling.
  • Consider the girth of the tree and verify how far the branches can reach sideways without utilizing all the space in your room. It is best to actually determine the space available so you can be sure.
  • Make a note of how many sides of your tree will be on exhibit (Sometimes a tree is placed in a corner where only two sides are really showed. This will influence which tree you opt for.
  • examine the weight of the ornaments you intend to use to decorate your tree. Take note of all these points.

Make the actual tree cutting encounter a fun family outing. Bring your notes, a tape measure and a saw when you go to get the tree. Most Christmas trees are lightly sheared to make them easier to decorate and more symmetrical. Two of the most popular trees are the Douglas Fir and the Noble Fir, but there are many other varieties.
The Douglas Fir has soft needles and a distinct spear shape. The needles are medium length, dark green-blue in color and radiate in all directions from the branch. The fragrance is a bit like citrus. The needles hold well and the branches are medium strength.
The Noble Fir is also very popular. It is beautifully symmetrical and has short stiff branches a bit more spaced. The blue-green needles often appear silver. The needles grow upwards leaving the underside of the branches exposed. The needles hold well.
Care of your tree:
As soon as you get home, cut a one fourth of an inch off the bottom of the tree and stand the tree in water. This is essential to keep the tree fresh. A tree will drink about a gallon of water a day. A fresh tree will keep its moisture, will not easily shed needles and will maintain its fragrance so you can enjoy it for longer.

Enjoy the outing to search for your perfect tree. Coates Christmas Trees remain the best option for decision, freshness and family togetherness when you get your tree. Merry Christmas!